Other Tiers RMT Rules

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Other Tiers RMT Rules

Post by K Legacy on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:01 am

When making a RMT please follow these simple rules:
#1. Don't post incomplete teams, this means having all six Pokemon with EV spreads and moves;
#2. Each Pokémon on your team should have a small paragraph describing these 3 things: 1) A reason why you chose that Pokémon, 2) the Pokémon's role on the team, and 3) A short description of its set. Don't forget to mention any usefulness your Pokémon has to your team. We recommend at least three (3) lines of description for each Pokemon. Having three lines is not absolutely mandatory anymore, but it's a good guideline to gauge if you have written enough;
#3. Only make one new RMT per two weeks, additionally don't "bump" your team more than once;
#4. Use a readable format (PO or PS importable are good) and layout (no annoying fonts, colors etc); 
#5. Make sure your team is competitive (no troll teams etc), also make sure to have tested it before making an RMT.
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